American Express cards have a 4

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  a河南海洋海洋生物科技拥有限公司 Henan vicissitudes biotechnology limited company [translate]

  a我很壹定你壹定是梦到壹个斑斓的女孩了 I affirmed very much you were certainly the dream to a beautiful girl [translate]

  aits a beautiful day and I can't 它斑斓天和我能没拥有拥有 [translate]

  a郑当着辉 Zheng Yinghui [translate]

  a多半 Mostly [translate]

  asunday school 星期天 校 [translate]

  athe question is:is downloading legal or not? 效实是:下载能否是法度的? [translate]

  a李教养任命在逝业仪式上干了壹个长的说话,他的话深深铭雕刻在我的记得中! 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  aCorvetteQuest 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  a两个稠密查封皮 Two packing surfaces [translate]

  athoroughly clean and dry your face 周到地皓净和烘干您的面孔 [translate]

  adrop the beat with my hand 下投降敲打用我的顺手 [translate]

  ales sentures with its prix 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  a打不一的文字真好玩 好多現在選擇了? [translate]

  a假设我们 花了 很长时间草拟的 方案被吊销了 ,会怎么样呢 If we spent the plan which the very long time drew up to cancel, how could [translate]

  a社会更其融洽 The society is more harmonious [translate]

  a皓天是菊月叁什号 Today is in September 30 [translate]

  a国庆当天,故宫共接待了12万7800名游者。上半天11时,此前规则的8万限流动人数就已打破开。考虑到假设坚硬性停顿特价而沽票,轻善惹宗即兴场混骚触动,存放在很父亲装置然风险,故宫没拥有即雕刻采取限流动主意,直到下半晌3时前,排队购票不清雅群已很微少,才查封锁窗口。 National Day at the same day, Imperial Palace altogether has received 127,800 tourists.11AM, before this stipulates 80,000 limits the exile to count broke through.Considered if the rigid stop booking, easy to cause the scene to be chaotic, the existence very big security risk, Imperial Palace immedi [translate]

  aWang is responsible for 3 class Wang担负对3类 [translate]

  a姐姐谦虚啦 Elder sister modest [translate]

  aAT FIRST MAKE A POINT OF RESTORATION ! 后头提出产不雅概念恢骈! [translate]

  a假设你能帮我,我将不甚感谢 If you can help me, I not really will feel grateful [translate]

  a我尽是不能僵持完成每壹件事 I always cannot persist completes each matter [translate]

  a并很快乐能和他提交对象 And very happy can become friends with him [translate]